Everest Jiri trek 
Resham was an excellent guide we would have most likely got lost shortly after leaving Jiri if wasn’t for his know how Resham also has an excellent sense of humor and we had a lot of laugh, He knew where the good food and comfort lodges use and we had a kick- as time hang out in the Himalayan with over Nepal. Resham, Resham , Resham, Resham

Love matt      

Resham was an absolutely Amazing guide our experience in the mths would not have been the same without him if we do more trekking we would love to have him. He iz Awesome!! Thank you Ram and unique way maker team our trek to ktm to base camp  was excellent especially with regard to the organization of accommodation meals and permits. This obviously made our way much easier. A special thank you to our guide Bibalal whose judgment in all trekking matters assisted our safty and well wisher. Our friendship with Biblal is  a high list of the journey. We hope to be back and we have grateful and very satisfied.

Thank you Keena
Summer 2009

28 countries. Nepal has been the best. I have continued all summer to wonder if I had to live in any of  those countries, which one would it be? clearly Nepal. peace, humility, and love for all abounds every where. Keep looking forward to any that come here. Life is worth the effort .

Jed stallings

We would like to thank Gautam bhatta for a fantastic trekking  to the ABC. We had the drip of our lives and he has largely contributed to this .Thanks should also  be given to the whole trekking agency for great organization .our potters were also great guys although  not too  old  .

Mark Loues 

Many many thanks to Resham for a fantastic time trekking ! we really enjoyed the experience and it was certainly enhanced by having a great guide who became a friend during our two weeks together .we will certainly been in touch and if we get the chance to return we wouldn’t  hesitate to arrange an Annapurna trek with Resham .Perfect English and good fun ,Resham never let us down –Always fund us rooms and lovely foods

Charlic Hunt 

This was one of the most beautiful trips of my life and it was enhanced by having such a wonderful guide as Resham .He was thoughtful and caring ,fun and light hearted but always was attentive to our needs .He call us mom and Dad .Resham was always there to hold my hands when the times got rough and  miss him already . Resham helped carry a few of our heavy items and never complained but always had a beautiful smile on his face .He told us all about his family and village and taught us some of the culture including Raksi ! we will keep in touch with Resham forever !!
Sincerely Gilkey “Mom”

Resham was wonderful throughout  the entire trip .He was known and well linked throughout the Annapurna circuit ,knew it very well ,and we knew we were in expert hands the whole time .Resham was also heaps of fun .I couldn’t imagine out trip would have been nearly as fun or rewarding without Resham .Thanks Resham

Tory (Dad)

To those of you wishing to find a great guide and a great trek to experience an adventure of a life time. I just arrived back from doing the Annapurna Circuit ,which was very challenging and rewarding .I was accompanied by a great guide ,Rajan (RaZ) who was not only sympathetic to how unfit I was ,but looked after me ,was accommodating in every sense of the word ,and really was great company.

I happily recommend Unique Way makers and hope that other will be lucky enough in the near future to have Raz as a guide .

Safe trekking 
Mathew ,Australia

Oratrix in Himalayan mounts !
Mohan baba! Nagarkot is an excellent place where you have to got with you Mohan guide to the internal experience you need .Talking only about the necessary he leaves mystic whispers of the mount to fill eye dud mind .
From Atheys  to Kathmandu next  trek with your  company
May be mustang ,may be kailash !

Oratrix from penteli 

We trekked to Khumjung and what a fantastic experience it was .The mountain were Awe-inspiring  and  left an  imprint on the mind that will bring us back to Nepal and bring us back to this  trekking company .

Our guide Bibalal and porter on ……were absolutely first-class ,They knew everything about the landscape ,what  mountain we asked about and looked after all our needs during the trek. They both  made the experience even more then we first thought it would be .The trek is about seeing the mountain –“Mt. Everest” However ,The guide ,The porter and their enthusiasm   . For every person we meet along the way made this a real trip of life time .we will remember it forever and will be back to conquest Everest one day with Bibalal

Thank you for a fabulous time


This is first time to Nepal. I’m glad to join trekking with the company. The guide porters are very professional and helpful. The lodge and food provided during whole journey are of excellent quality. Everything including flight is on schedule. All in all thank you very much.

2nd Nov 2009